Over the years, we established business relationships which allow us to offer a very good balance between quality and price and to address our customers toward “safe” businesses, guarded against difficult situations that the current market situation often holds. Upon request, Cutting Pack can also connect directly to the packaging end-users.
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The right solution?
We customize it.

We offer a wide and diversified range of raw materials for the Flexible Packaging and Technical Applications such as Aluminium, Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon, Colored films and semi-finished products.

We manage sales that meet everybody’s needs: from one single roll to full containers of raw materials, modifying the delivery times according to the specific urgencies.

As sellers of selected raw materials, we as Cutting Pack rely on a wide selection of suppliers, which allow us to be quick and focused in searching the technical solution for our customers. We are able to guarantee a quick service thanks to our warehouse stocks and our preferential contacts with all our suppliers. We are able to manage also the most complicated orders thanks to our proven experience and coordination, when volumes are substantial and goods comes from far away, for example in container from Far East.

Tools, methods and selling times are driven by your needs, not from ours.