Partners & References

Only great synergies enable to reach excellent targets.
Our business history tells us perfectly who we are and the names of the partners with whom we are working during these years are the best reference that we can show as the evidence of the professionalism and transparence that distinguishes and identifies us.
The experience that we matured in the Flexible Packaging and Technical Applications fields allowed us to secure important cooperation with many nation wise and international-wise companies, covering very well the European market.
Being recognized as professional partners in raw materials like Aluminium and Plastic Films, we never stopped to look beyond, to be ready to enlarge the borders of our collaborations and orient ourselves towards a professional and personal development .

Partners: Companies we cooperate with

Amcor flexibles
Aluminium Foil
Blu Plast Zingonia srl
Specialty Films PE
KWH Plast Schur flexibles
Specialty Films Cast CPP
Films Flexible Packaging

References: Companies we cooperated with

Alcan Packaging
Aluminium Foil
Aluberg s.r.l.
Aluminium Foil Converted
Alucoat Conversion
Aluminium Converted
Aluengineering s.r.l.
Alupak AG
Aluminium Container Foil
Aluprint S.p.A
Aluminium for Chocofoil
Aluswisse Group
Aluminium Foil
Fatra a.s.
Specialty Films BOPET
Flex Service s.r.l.
Shielding Tapes
Lantor BV
PET Felt
Lawson Mardon Packaging
Aluminium Foil
Menfilm s.r.l.
Metallized and Colored Films
Novelis Deutschland
Aluminium Foil
NOW Plastics
Films Flexible Packaging
Specialty Films PE
Super Film
Films Flexible Packaging
Specialty Films PE
Films Cast CPP
Veroni Pak
Films Cast CPP
VonRoll Isola
Shielding Tapes