We believe in sharing know-how and experiences.

Also for this reason we are members of Giflex, the Association that includes all main manufacturers of Flexible Packaging in Italy.
The Group is integrated with the Confederation of Italian Industries, through the National Association of Graphic and Paper Converting Industries and joins also the FPE division (Flexible Packaging Europe) of EAFA.

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The winning basis for your business?
We have no doubt: competence and reliability.

Competence and honesty are the basis of our way of doing business: this allows us to be timely and resolute in searching personalized solutions for our customers.

We evaluate with care the reliability of our commercial partners that candidate themselves to us and only when we are convinced and sure about the absolute professionalism and reliability of their products, we build stable and long-term relationships with them.
In an often hasty and unstable world, we as Cutting Pack strongly invest in stable long-term relationships. We have never followed short terms strategies: the success is made out of many small steps towards clear and shared goals.

To marry the philosophy of continuity and transparency allow us to create long-term relationships with anybody who connects with us: customers, suppliers or collaborators.